Here Are 4 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Site Using an E-Commerce Website Builder

Online shopping does not only offer customers the convenience of buying items from the comfort of their home but also allow them to check reviews and compare items to make a purchasing decision. If your site has a professional design to deliver positive customers experience, the clients will come back for repeat purchases. With this, your sales will boost. However, mistakes may occur when creating your site using an e-commerce website builder which can lead to frustrations. Here are the 4 horrible mistakes you need to avoid for you to have a successful business:

Poor quality images

Images convey a crucial message of your business. High-quality images are more likely to attract customers than a long content.  If you display quality images, customers will have the interest to browse through your site to see more about your products and services. With this, he/she can make a purchasing decision. However, if you display poor quality images, no customer will browse your site. Poor photos will convey the wrong message and customers will view your products as of low quality. In this essence, you need to look for an e-commerce website builder that has the customization feature to enable your add quality images and also increase their sizes.

A complicated checkout process

This mistake is common to most of the entrepreneurs. They use a long checkout process which makes customers abandon their sites. In this essence, you need to create your site with an e-commerce website builder that offers a simple and few steps checkout process. However, you need to include all information like shipping cost and taxes that apply to the purchase.

Building a site that is not mobile-friendly

Mobile shopping offers you a convenient experience to shop in the comfort of your home or while on-the-go. Using a desktop to buy online is not as flexible as you must be in the room sited on your desk. In recent days, most customers are using mobile to shop online. If you build an e-commerce website that does not support the mobile device, you will have few customers in your site.

Slow loading time

If your site loads slowly, customers will drop off and will never come back. Hence you need to use an e-commerce website builder that has features to enable your site load within a second.


If you avoid these mistakes, more customers will land on your site. With the advanced features on your e-commerce website, you will enhance customers’ experience, and this will lead to a purchasing decision which will increase your sales.


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